Sr. No.

Project Title


1 Design for DI main line, CDA PVAC& PCWS/R machine hookup ASE Singapore Pte Ltd
2 DI & WWTP system installation, drain piping ASM Technology
Singapore Pte Ltd
3 Chemical Pipe hook up Global Foundries
4 WWTP modification works Hewlett-Packard
Singapore Pte Ltd
5 DI system & machine hook up Institute of
6 DI system & loop piping Invivos Pte Ltd
7 Fish holding tank, piping & exhaust ducting MSD Animal Health
Innovation Pte Ltd
8 DI & waste water system piping work Philips Singapore Pte
9 Scrubber servicing & chemical drain pipe Rolls-Royce Singapore
Pte Ltd
10 Chemical Dosing System, WWTP adhoc works & HDPE lining works Siltronics Samsung
Wafer Pte Ltd
11 RO Reject system, WWTP modification works & machine hookup StatsChipac Pte Ltd
12 Design, build up plating line setup, WWTP & scrubber upgarding Singapore
Technologies Kinetics Pte Ltd
13 Scrubber drain, piping work, WWTP servicing and machine hookup Nanyang Technological
14 Design, build lab exhaust system and machine hook up National University
of Singapore

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